En este momento estás viendo Scott returns to European racing in third round Copa de España

Scott returns to European racing in third round Copa de España

Back from New-Zealand and ready to race in the colors of Team SmartDry – Girona Cycling City: Ari Scott. The Kiwi traveled all the way from Nelson to the Fundació Lluís Coromina club house this week and is lining up for the Aiztonda Klasikoa.

Scott enjoyed his summer in New Zealand, but is also happy to be back in Catalonia. “My home country was god for preparing for the season. It feels really nice to be back in Catalonia as well. Catalonia, and more specifically Girona and Banyoles, is starting to feel like a second home to me. This year I decided to come back here earlier to get into the swing of things, so hopefully I can do better earlier in the season.”

Scott, an important asset of the team in the Copa de España, hopes to win a Spanish cup-race. “Top 10’s are the goal and I also hope to make the next steps in my career this season. A victory would contribute to that.”

The Kiwi sees the Aiztonda Klasikoa as a big challenge, as the weather forecasts are not promising. “I will need time to adapt to the temperatures”, Scott says. “It is a lot colder than New Zealand at the moment, especially when it is raining. Also, the Spanish peloton is different from the one in New Zealand. This race will be good to get familiar again to the European racing scene, and hopefully gives me morale for the next races.”