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HQ: Wijchen, Netherlands
Since: 1983
Founder: Henk and Iwan Schrijver
Website: and


Expert Damp Solutions
Unlike traditional damp proofing treatments, the SmartDry DryBricks exploit natural airflow to draw moisture out of your walls, without the need for harmful chemicals or sealants. We’ve removed damp from over 30,000 properties throughout Europe and offer our 100% Damp Free Guarantee on all installations. We offer natural solutions for a natural problem.

How does the SmartDry System work?
Unlike traditional damp proofing treatments that are invasive, the SmartDry System exploits natural airflow to draw moisture out of the walls, without the need for harmful chemicals, sealants or replastering. In order for the system to work properly, our installation engineers install SmartDry elements on all exterior walls, ensuring that the entire property is able to breath and ultimately eliminating damp issues while offering a natural, effective and long-lasting solution, no matter what the damp problem is; this is how we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee.