Team SmartDry House


The Team SmartDry-house in Banyoles is a clubhouse like no other.

Team SmartDry – Girona Cycling City has a house in Banyoles, a beautiful city next to Girona. The house, owned by Fundació Lluís Coromina, is available for riders to live in for periods of time.

The goal of the Team SmartDry-house is to give international cyclists the chance to train under the Catalan sun and on the beautiful roads of Catalonia. As Girona is the cycling City of Europe, one never has to ride alone, especially not when multiple riders from the team share the same house.

The house owned by Fundació Lluís Coromina is a fantastic facility to elevate training to the next level, and a location to gather for training and travel (to races).

Throughout the year, approximately five riders live in the SmartDry house. There is (limited) space for more. The house is only available for riders of Team SmartDry – Girona Cycling City.